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Five things you have to know before orchestrating digital strategies

In light of the discussions in the past few months on consumer behaviorcontent, social media and influencers, user experience, big data… etc, I am today proposing the five most important things to keep in mind before orchestrating digital strategies.

First is to understand your business. Before creating digital strategies and tactics, it is key to know your business vision and mission, brand personality, financial situations and big competitive environment. After you know exactly what is going on in your business, you will then be able to keep all strategies appropriate and aligned with business objective.

Second is to know your audience. Different audiences use different media channels to obtain information and social. Different audiences also are attracted by different content. You have to know your audiences and their habit to target them effectively.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.47.48 PM

Third is to understand that we can’t target all media channels. it’s not effective nor efficient. Our job is to complete your business objective in the most effective and source efficient way. Spread energy and effort to establish presence in all media channels is not the best practice.

The fourth is to keep in mind that content is king, and storytelling is queen. We have to create content that can help consumers get to where they aim for, then, consumers will come to purchase our products and services. In order to do so, we have to create content that can engage, entertain, and educate audiences and we have to deliver messages in a storytelling way.

And fifth is to understand that user experience is the ultimate bounce exam for your business. Poor user experience will hugely increase the bounce rate and likelihood consumers directing to other businesses. Therefore, maintain and optimize user experience is very critical in the new consumer journey.

After understanding these five points, you will be at least half way to your digital objective.

five things to know before orchestrating digital strategy


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