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Is Augmented Reality really changing the world?

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Can you imagine waking up seeing a Pikachu jumping on your bed? Can you imagine “trying out” the right Ikea furniture without buying it while you are at home? Can you imagine seeing your future home and its interior while nothing has been constructed? Can you imagine watching a virtual TV wherever you go?

Your answer should be yes. And in the near future, you don’t even have to imagine. You can have them come true. All you need is a pair of augmented reality goggle.

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What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

From technological point of view, AR is “the ability to overlay virtual content on the physical world and have the two interact in real time with each other. It is not only technology that can change our lives, not only the programming that will take a lead in artificial intelligence, but also the only all-in-one appliance that will take a huge part in our daily lives. It is the future and the possible substitution of smartphone.

From marketing point of view, AR is the future of customer experience. It can open a whole new world for both consumers and marketers. Consumers can save much trouble in ordering and returning products that don’t fit; marketers can learn consumer reactions in real time and respond right away.

Want an Example? See Microsoft Hololens.

Microsoft HoloLens is a pair of goggle that when you wear it, you will be able to interact with holograms, where you can visualize and work with contents as you are in reality.

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Will AR sustain? What are the challenges in incubating AR?

A big challenge for AR is the battery life. For such appliance performing multiple continuous tasks in connecting to the App, screening the surrounding areas, projecting the information, and recording data, AR goggles require a huge battery volume. The current technology still cannot support for such battery needs.

Luckily, the discovery of graphene becomes the hope. Graphene can be used to create batteries that are really light in weight, small in volume, but can store very high amount of energy and are very fast to charge. Graphene batteries will be a vital player in deciding whether AR will sustain.

Another challenge will be the Internet speed and stability. To support the constant screening of surroundings, installing visual concepts onto goggles, loading and projecting out real time matters, we need a stable high speed internet.

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To bring AR into another level, we can even challenge our technology and physics. We can probably utilize physics to create the feel of touch and contact when we put on our goggles.

For consumers trying out dresses at home, maybe they can even touch the dress and feel the materials. For people who are away for school or business, maybe they can see and touch their families back home while doing video call. And at that time, the word “video call” might even be called “real chat” instead.


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