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Control Your Fitness Plan With Your Thumb—Experience With Lifetime Fitness App

screen-shot-2017-03-05-at-2-11-45-pmWhat is Lifetime Fitness App?

Lifetime is a fitness gym that has multiple locations in the United States. Besides wonderful and plenty facilities such as hot tubs, spa, and café, they also offer group classes such as cardio training, yoga and Pilates. Some of these classes require extra money but most of them are free of charge once you become a member. They also have personal trainers specializing in different areas of focus; members can enter personal training contracts with their trainers directly.

As a lifetime Fitness member, I use their App a lot. Their App is called Lifetime Health and is accessible on iOS system. Only with a US apple ID, you are able to download this app to your mobile and tablet. After you login to your account with Lifetime Fitness, you will be able to start controlling your fitness plan with your thumb. My experience with the App is very satisfying because each platform has its adapted version and is very easy to use.


What’s on this App?

Once you login, the homepage displays your personal information on your monthly club visits, Lifetime dollars in balance, and visitor passes you have left over for the year.


There are sections of activities you can do with the App. There are group class schedule you can view and attend, training and workout lists you can take and use, Café ordering, Lifetime bucks and shops, exercise videos, and Lifetime Fitness e-magazine. The e-magazine is also adapted to mobile platform, which makes it very friendly and convenient to read.


Group Classes

Lifetime Fitness offers about 10 group classes per day from Pilates to Yoga and Cycling. Some of the classes charge extra money and members need to sign up in advance, but most of them are free and for drop in.

Group class schedule definitely serves as one of the most important features in the App. Members are able to view group class schedules for up to one month in advance. Meanwhile, information on each class is very detailed—members are able to view the exact time, studio room and which specific instructor is coaching.

There is also a filter feature on the App, which users can screen for classes with their areas of interest, favorite instructors, time of the day available and whether class is for free or with extra charge.

Need to mention, members are also able to pick out the classes they want to attend and export to their offline mobile or tablet; at the same time, there are alarm options available to set as reminders for the class.



For members who would like to have a complete fitness plans, they can click on the training tab and explore workout lists that have detailed instructions.

Under training tab, there is separated strength training and cardio training. Then under each, there are workout lists that are focused on different muscle groups and that have different time length and intensity. With these workout lists, users can track themselves and complete workout tasks on their own. If you are not sure what to do for certain moves, there is also an exercise library that contains all the moves you will need to use.

With this feature, users are also able to mark out their favorite workout and construct his/her own list of workouts from the workout history.



Lifetime App uses two base colors—green and white, which is clear and neat. The navigation is also handy. Only the font size in the App might be a bit small for certain users.


My Experience

My user experience with the App is great. The App is convenient and ready for personalization. There is nothing in the App I find disturbing and overall experience is decent. Not saying that I am recommending Lifetime as a gym, but I do recommend every Lifetime member to download this App.


P.C. Lifetime Fitness App


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