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Stop Procrastinating Your Journey To The Dream Body — Try Physique 57

Life Is Busy Makes Nothing Easy

What’s your daily routine like? Waking up, rushing to the bathroom, getting dressed, grabbing breakfast on the way to work, waiting in line to take some lunch, working till late, rushing to home and finally having some alone time. Now after dinner, do you still want to get up from your cozy couch, get dressed and go to gym? At least I know that I wouldn’t be able to do that, even though I do want to and have been wanted to for the past month with nothing achieved.


Even worse, every month when I see my auto bill has a new debit of $190 for gym fee, I look down and shake my belly fat, thinking: where is my abs? Month after month, my expensive gym fees ended up being wasted. It is simply so difficult to find the right time, right place, and right mood to train.

Physique 57 — What Is It?

Physique 57, founded to solve this problem since 2006, has three barre studios in NYC that offer classes throughout the day with flexible time slots, and has 40+ videos on demand that is available 24/7.


Their barre method workout incorporates dance moves, strength training, cardio and other short workouts for specific body muscles. The most important is that all of the workouts on demand can be done at home anytime you want.

“Mashup” To Create Your Own

To me, Physique 57’s unique selling point is that they have this “Mashup” plan, which I found very interesting and attractive. Within this plan, you can make up your own 60-minute workout with six 10-minute workouts and target to specific muscles or areas of the body.


Physique 57 also has a couple of workout programs lasting from 2 to 12 weeks for different training purposes.

To me, Physique 57 and its plans are exiting and appealing.


Physique 57 Platforms 

Personally, I think Physique 57’s site layout is a bit messy, not very user friendly. Information is everywhere, pieces by pieces, pages and pages.  Have to admit, it actually took me quite a while to figure out what exactly they offer and how everything works.

Website and tablet work fine, but for mobile platform, it’s really a bit too much on a single scroll down. Meanwhile, for mobile, landscape photos are cut to fit the screen, rather than fit to screen. It also opens too many new windows on mobile platform.

When you try to sign up for a studio class, it leads to another website, which is not compromised to tablet nor mobile platform. Therefore, it is very difficult to read and figure out which class to sign up for on a mobile.


In general, layout can be cleaned up a little bit and information can be more to the point to save me some time from reading them all.

Visual Aesthetics

Direct visual of the website is great; it is motivating, clean, modern and minimal. It can be said “in-trend”. Models in the pictures are confident, fit, with decent muscle tones. Their clothes are professional but also stylish, highlighting their enviable shapes. I would say that the direct visual of the website is a reflective of the brand, announcing modern, confidence and also cleanness.



For videos on demand, its $19.95 for 30 days with a free month trial. However, in order to enjoy the free trial, you do have to input your credit card information into their system.

If you want to sign up for their studio classes, it’s $37 per class with various packages you can choose from.


Social Media

If you are interested to read more, Physique 57 has its own blog and Instagram. My personal feeling for their blog and instagram is that they focus more on stressing lifestyle rather than pure fitness.


Now, I am going to give it a try. And you?


Photo Credit: Physique 57 and header image


4 thoughts on “Stop Procrastinating Your Journey To The Dream Body — Try Physique 57

  1. Hi, Emily!
    I like the way you wrote this article, your tone and words. It is clear and easy to read.
    You explained the Physique 57 program very well, which did raise my interest in it.
    The program looked appealing to me, but just a little expensive .
    A simple question, are you going to cancel your original gym program and try Physique 57 instead? or will you use those two at the same time? loll


  2. Hi Evelyn!
    I love the title of your blog. “Life is busy makes nothing easy”- hahah so true!
    I like the headings and explanation of each concept. Physique 57’s Mash up plan sounds exciting. Can’t wait to try!


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