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“The Catalyst and The Orchestrator” as The Fascination Test Said

img_5461“Hey hey hey, don’t tell me what to do!” Although a familiar line, I have never heard anybody saying this to me. I guess I will never become a dominant friend or lover or parent.

Need proof other than personal experience? The Fascination Test (a personality test which tells you how the world sees you) said that my dormant advantage is Power and that I am “not a dominant personality and dislike controlling others”.

Very true. Indeed, this had been my philology of building any relationships. I very much dislike anybody telling me what to do, and vice versa, I strongly dislike telling anybody what to do. I don’t like being controlled; meanwhile, I don’t feel comfortable controlling anyone else. It is exhausting, effortful and difficult.

Interestingly enough, the Fascination Test also said that my primary advantage is Passion, followed by Innovation and Alert. Despite the fact that there’s always confirmation bias and hindsight bias—which set me very skeptical about the test result at first, I think it is fairly accurate.

“Attractive personal and professional style of interactions”, “inspire people to become involved advocates”, “quickly solve problems with fresh solutions”, generate ideas that surprise people with a new perspective”, “attentive, prevent problems with care”, “dedicated and efficient”—these indeed are feedbacks I have received from professors, teammates and managers throughout my coursework and work experiences for the past four, five years.

Let’s take a glimpse at my results.


As Fascination Test said for “The Catalyst”, I am “most likely to contribute when emotionally engaged”. This is very true. Relate back to the Starbucks Reserve blog I composed last week, I don’t normally write an advertising blog for any brand unless I really do love it, enjoy it and loyal to it.

In fact, I do love how the test describes me: enthusiastic, creative, energizing, out-of-the-box, attentive, dedicated, efficient, etc. And most interestingly, the test confirmed that I should seek career in PR and Marketing.

After the fascination test, I have more confidence in myself and in the way I interact with others because these traits are indeed what I believe a successful marketer should have. And finally, I can let my crazy ideas settle and let them be.

Need to mention, founder of The Fascination Test Sally Hogshead (@sallyhogshead) has an interesting and eye-opening Ted Talk on the topic of “how to fascinate”.

She illustrated how all markets function just as dating market and that we have to really market ourselves and compete with all the distractions in order to get our brilliant ideas delivered. Otherwise, no matter how brilliant our ideas are, they are nothing if nobody knows.

As individual marketer, each of us can use our distinctive advantage to break in the door with others and stand out with what we are good at in our most comfortable ways. To end, I would like to quote what I have retweeted from @howtofascinate “To become more successful, you don’t need to change who you are. You need to become more of who you are.”



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